How to Make Any Man Fall in Love With You

love the difference between men

Love – The Difference Between Men & Women

Love – it’s something that we all want and it is something that we as humans crave. That longing for passion and for acceptance from someone else is what some of us strive our whole lives to get.

For some, it comes easy and they are able to make a choice of who they fall in love with for all of the suitors that beg for them but for others, and for the majority of the population, finding love is really difficult.
Of course, we all know the difference between love and lustnow. At a younger age, when your heart skipped a beat for someone that you liked, you confused this feeling for love. Now, as you have had more experience in the dating game, you know that although initial attraction is very important, there has to be substance behind it. If there isn’t, then you know that is lust.

So, when it comes to love, why is it so hard for women and men to find it? Well, that is because men and women look at love in very different ways.

For example, us women are able to fall madly in love and fast with someone that we are attracted to. We are usually able to tell within weeks to months if this will work in our favor. We know because we put our entire heart and soul into finding out. We don’t give up until we know that we should and we are dedicated atfinding true love.

Men, well, they don’t really work this way. Typically, men don’t know that they are in love until it is gone. This is because men are so good at putting walls up and having barriers to protect them. When we fall in love, there is a strong sense of vulnerability that we all have to face. Women are good at digesting this feeling while men, on the other hand, are terrified of it.

He won’t allow himself to get too close to you or to find out if you are the one until it is too late.

We can’t wait for this to happen constantly with every man we meet. Us women want to find true love, but with men still walking on egg shells about the topic, we need to find a way to hook them in and make them ours before it is too late.

How Men Fall in Love

As we touched upon earlier, men fall in love differently than women do, which is why women have such a hard time reading men and finding out if the relationship is worth their time or if they should consider moving on.

Although it is best to be patient with a man who is trying to figure out how he is feeling, at the same time, we have to look out for ourselves as well. We can’t wait with bated breath to find out if he has decided that he loves us or not. That is not fair to us. There has to be a better way.

Learning how men fall in love will help us learn how to make a man fall in love. Even though all men are different, there are still some qualities or traits that they universally share straight across the board.

By learning how a man falls in love, you can put yourself at the forefront of his mind so when he does realize the feelings that his body is trying to show to him, he will know it is because of you.

  • Men fall in love a lot slower than women. Initially, he will feel emotions of lust and this is what will attract him to you in the first place. After the feelings of lust start to pass, that is when his mind signals to him that he is falling in love. When that happens, he will more than likely start to flip out and act differently towards you, resulting in you feeling a separation or distance with him.
  • This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to be with you. All this is for him is an intense coping and defence mechanism. He knows that you have a power over him but he doesn’t want to admit it. So what does he do instead? He starts to push you away, not on purpose, but subconsciously.
  • Love is the one thing that can tear a man apart the most and since men are supposed to be the stronger and tougher gender, nothing is supposed to break him down.
  • Men are afraid of love. They don’t like feelings of vulnerability. They don’t like putting themselves out there knowing that they can be hurt in the end. They don’t like the unknown. He wants control over the situation, and we all know that we can’t control love.

Now that you know how a man falls in love and how it works for him, you can figure out how to make him fall in love with you.


Tips to Make Him Fall in Love With YOU!

  • Give him his space. He needs time to figure it out, so spend a lovely evening with him, spend afternoons with him and then don’t call him for a few days. Give him time to digest what is going on. Pressuring him to love you is never going to work so don’t try to do it.
  • Be mysterious. Don’t give him everything right from the get go. Let him work for you. Men love a little mystery and this is a great way to get him to fall in love with you. Even though they fear the unknown, they love mystery when it comes to women. He wants to try to figure you out and he will pull out all the stops to do so.
  • Challenge him. Men may say that they don’t like teases, but deep down, that is a big fat lie. He loves when you challenge him and when you force him to chase you. Men don’t like it when women are too emotionally or readily available. If you want to make him fall in love with you, he has to realize that you are the one and the only way he can do that is if he chases after you. Then, when he does win you, you are a prize to him and that is what he wants.
  • Let him save you. Get into a sticky situation, like a flat tire or something else that you know he can fix and call him over. Men want to be saviours and he does want to be your knight in shining armour. Let him be that for you. It will make him feel like he can provide for you and that is very important to him.
  • Give him his time with his boys. Never fretting about him wanting a night with the boys is one of the fastest ways to make a man fall in love. His friends are very important to him and he fears that if he does fall in love with you and spends time with you, that he will lose that friendship with his boys. Let him have his space and time with his friends and don’t even text him during it. He will miss you and he will want to call you right after.
  • Surprise him. Spontaneity is huge for men. Ambush him one night by only wearing a trench coat and high heels to his place. You know what to do next!


And Live Happily Ever After!

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